High Technology in Sheet Metal Working

WE PRODUCE PROTOTYPES/PRE-SERIES SAMPLING, SMALL AND MEDIUM SERIES of mechanical engineering constructions of sheet metal components, using advanced technologies.
Treated materials: steel, stainless, aluminum, various metals, raw, pretreated, complete finishing treatments with their certificates and special packaging, all for these sectors in particular:
Electronics – Electrical – Computer – Telephony – Telecommunications – Mechanics – Biomedical – Air conditioning – Railway – Safety – Banking – Military Aircraft

We also offer:

  • Technical Department with qualified staff able to provide a complete service and support during the co-design, product development and engineering, industrializing the process.
  • Complete supplies as prime contractors: painting, finishes and special treatments, fittings and complete assemblies.
  • Customer service culture: estimates, trends and rapid development, flexibility, strict and mandatory deliveries.
  • Quality: service with control and testing on every incoming and outgoing materials.


closets, cabinets and frames (service director / command)
equipment, modular systems
furniture, cells, boxes, racks
baskets, boxes, dashboards, desks, video
roofs, panels, lectures
floors, doors, partitions, supports, brackets
conducts, panels, boxes
structures and repairers
body-work and fairings
benches and tables (with hangers, drawers, reading, driving)
containers of various support and assistance.