The company was born in 1920 when Antonio Gatta began to work as a mechanical blacksmith: from the construction of valves for airplanes to blacksmith iron work, from bicycles to motorcycle prototypes.

In the following years the company evolved towards the industrial sector, initially in the steel mills and steel industry fields, then focusing on the manufacturers of machinery and facilities/fixtures.

Since 1978 the activity takes place in the plant of Colleretto Giacosa in industrialized warehouses around 10000 square meters large.

Today Gatta has specialized in the production of Sheet Metal and Metalworking Precision Mechanics.

Thanks to its internal know-how, and constantly updated technology, the company ensures a high quality product, from manufacturing (with engineering if required) of samples/prototypes to the production of small and medium series.
The experience of the staff and the increasingly important use of machines and CNC (Computed Numerically Controlled) systems allow the company to keep pace with new process technologies.
The Computerized Systems allow very small timescales for full cycle: development, programming, working and construction of details based on received drawings from customers.

Our Offer

  • Engineering Department with qualified staff able to provide a complete service and support during the co-design, product development, engineering and industrializing the process.
  • Complete supplies as prime contractors: painting, finishing and heat treatment and surface fittings and complete assemblies.
  • Culture and quality customer service: estimates, trends and rapid development – flexibility – strict delivery dates.